August 26, 2023 3 min read

Jewelry has been part of human lives and the habit of wearing jewelry goes back to long years. Ancient civilizations wore jewelry made of stones and then graduated to wear jewelry made of metal. Jewelry was made of copper, iron, brass, and a mixture of them. Out of the various metals gold became the standard jewelry metal since then it is gold all the way. Now you can buy jewelry made of gold, silver, platinum, steel, and other metals and depending on one’s desire manufacturers have been enterprising to come up with jewelry pieces that are made for wearing by different parts of our body. Jewelry or ornaments are popularly worn on fingers, neck, wrist, forehead, arms, waist, head and hair. Out of these jewelry types only necklace was found to be a standout ornament because it is bigger than any other jewelry types and are worn around the neck thus making visible to all eyes to see. Necklaces were designed in different styles and they are intimate jewelry gifts that are cherished by your female relatives here are a few necklace designs you would like to choose for your beloved, mother, mother-in-law, sister, sister-in law, daughter, and daughter-in-law, grandma and others when it is time to send some gifts to them.


What are the different types of necklaces & chains available in the market?

Necklace is the queen of ornaments but it should be recollected that yesteryear kings and present time mavericks wear necklaces or chains around their necks. Some even go to the extent of wearing multiple chains attached with a pendant that showcase their personality and style. However necklace is predominantly women’ domain and highly ornamental and articulate necklaces were crafted and are crafted by experienced jewelry makers. Here are some styles of necklaces that you will like know about so you could use the knowledge at the time of buying.

  1. Pendant necklaces

This is the type that hangs down your neck where a necklace chain made of gold, silver or other materials is attached with a pendant. This is the most popular necklace women from all wakes of life can wear. It will fit your beloved one’s neck and equally look beautiful around the neck of your mother or mother-in-law. Pendants are made from other materials like other metals, glass, precious stones, or even plastic. Pendant necklaces offer a variety of necklaces combined with jewels, letters, stones, shapes like heart, rings, charms, traditional and harem necklaces. Pendants can be delicate or heavy depending on what form or figure you choose. Best thing about pendant necklaces are that they are cheaper than other necklaces types that are heavy.  This is immensely popular because it is affordable, light and highly attractive. Consider buying pendant necklaces because they can be crafted to suit your own specification and style that reflects your personality.

  1. Locket Necklaces

Locket necklace is one of the oldest necklace style, which features a hinged opening through which you can place photograph of your loved ones or any item which is near to your heart. These necklaces come in large variety and are made with gold, silver, or other precious metals. Locket necklaces can also be made in different shapes and sizes.

  1. Pearl strand necklace

This is another classic necklace which reminds you off pearls. This is pearl jewelry or necklace and is made up with dozens of small or big size pearls. Pearls are strung by a nylon or silk thread. The necklace can be worn in many styles.  It can be a single or double strands necklace or twisted necklace or worn as a chocker. It is highly flexible design of necklace because it suits perfectly for both formal and everyday wear.

  1. Collar Necklaces

Collar necklaces are made of thin chains and decorated with different types of pendants, charms and beads. Collar necklace sits on your collarbone and enhance and bring forth the facial beauty of a woman. Collar necklaces remind you of royalty and are suitable for women of all ages. You can wear it with any type of outfit.

  1. Charm Necklaces

Charm necklace is very much like pendant necklace and only it hangs a charm such as a symbol, pendant, letter, miniature replica of a monument, and something important. This is the right jewelry to make a personal statement and it can make Thoughtful jewelry gifts. The necklace is worn either with the charm clearly depicted outside or hidden inside.

Necklaces are great jewelry items that enable you to express yourself and also make great gift items for your loved ones. Necklaces are best bought online because it will be an informed shopping for you. You can visit various websites that sell necklaces exclusively such as You will find the latest model pendant necklaces and other necklaces at affordable prices here.